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Dr. William K. Schmidt

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Dr. Schmidt is renowned pain expert and specializes in providing advice on preclinical and clinical studies of novel analgesic drugs.  


Throughout his career, Dr. Schmidt has headed both preclinical and clinical analgesic drug development activities for DuPont, DuPont Merck, Adolor, and Renovis.  He has led teams in the development of Entereg (alvimopan), Acelex (polmacoxib), Nubain (nalbuphine), ReVia (naltrexone) and the oxycodone-ibuprofen formulation used in Combunox. 


Dr. Schmidt is the Parliamentarian and a Past-President of the Eastern Pain Association in New York City. 

He received the John J. Bonica award for the development of new analgesics and his sustained contributions to the educational efforts of the Eastern Pain Association.

Pain Expert

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