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Novel and promising mechanism of action for new neuropathic pain candidate iQ-007 confirmed

Delaware – November 2021, iQure Pharma Inc. (iQure), a company dedicated to the development of new pain management therapeutics, can confirm that the mechanism of action of its new neuropathic pain candidate, iQ-007, is through positive allosteric modulation (PAM) of a key glutamate neurotransporter.

iQ-007 is a promising therapeutic candidate being developed for the treatment of Neuropathic Pain and Epilepsy. iQ-007 exhibited a superior safety profile with promising efficacy results during in vivo testing.

One of the limiting factors in epilepsy and pain management treatments, like drug-resistant epilepsy, childhood epilepsy and painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy, are the debilitating central side effects limiting use in the current standard of care. Company asset iQ-007 has been extensively evaluated by prestigious the NIH ETSP program and showed a surprisingly good safety profile, while maintaining excellent and broad efficacy. Recent experiments confirmed that iQ-007 acts as a positive allosteric modulator of naturally occurring neuromodulator EAAT2. Through this unique mechanism, it enhances the natural glutamate uptake preventing neurotoxicity, often associated with epilepsy and neuropathic pain.

Pawel Zolnierczyk, Chief Executive Officer:

We are extremally glad to receive these results which substantiate previous findings with respect to efficacy and safety, where iQ-007 showed significant efficacy with virtually no side effects. As iQ-007 showed no interaction with any of the typical CNS targets, we are now confident that iQ-007 is acts not through inhibition of usual CNS pathways, but by enhancing the human body’s natural ‘safety’ system. With this unique profile, iQ-007 has tremendous opportunity to make a positive contribution to the treatment of pain, epilepsy and potentially other EAAT2 mediated diseases. We are now focused on a series of value confirming studies which will help to optimize the asset’s market positioning. We are very fortunate to be able to work with the highly respected research group led by Prof. Krzysztof Kaminski from Jagiellonian University, whose work led to the current determination of iQ-007’s mechanism of action.

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