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iQure Pharma Will Present at Mid-Atlantic Diamond Venture 2022 Spring Forum

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

DELAWARE, March, 2022 ─ iQure Pharma Inc. (iQure), a US-based biotech company, has been invited to present at the Mid-Atlantic Diamond Venture (MADV) Virtual Spring Forum on Friday, March 25, 2022.

Dedicated to improving the management of neuropathic pain, iQure developed iQ‑007 as a promising candidate with a novel mode of action. This therapeutic has demonstrated a favorable safety profile with encouraging results in both neuropathic pain as well as epilepsy. iQ-008 is a rationally designed multitargeting compound which, in preclinical efficacy screenings, shows a better-than-standard profile in all tested in vivo pain models.

“We are delighted to have been invited to present at this high-profile event,” said iQure Chief Executive Officer, Pawel Zolnierczyk. “This presentation helps to expand our network to an even larger group of investors from the Mid-Atlantic region and enhances our company’s ongoing fund-raising efforts.”

Mid-Atlantic Diamond Ventures (MADV) is an independent organization that assists emerging, technology-based companies in their effort to build sustainable businesses by better positioning them for funding while increasing value at an early and crucial stage.

To date, over 400 Mid-Atlantic companies have presented at MADV and have raised more than $640 million. MADV is located at the Temple University Fox School of Business and is sponsored by prestigious service firms, major angel constituencies, as well as, local economic development groups.

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