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iQure Pharma researchers seek non-opioid alternatives to manage neuropathic pain

3 November 2022 - In a newly published article in Health Tech World, Henk De Wilde, Chief Operating Officer and R&D Director, iQure Pharma Inc., discusses how better understanding of pain is helping researchers to develop novel therapeutics as non-opioid alternatives to manage neuropathic pain. Neuropathic pain is a severe form of chronic pain that's notoriously hard to treat primarily because of its complex pain biology.

iQure Pharma Inc.'s goal is to provide different approaches that can provide better therapeutics for neuropathic pain, to help the millions around the globe whose "excruciating pain is an inescapable reality of life."

Neuropathic pain patients make up an unwilling part of the opioid crisis, as nearly 60 percent of peripheral neuropathy patients end up taking opioids, often chronically.

Mayo Clinic researchers also reported in 2021, that more patients with newly diagnosed diabetic neuropathy were prescribed opioids during the years spanning 2014-2018 than were prescribed guideline-recommended medications.

Read the full text of the article here:


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