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Dr. Peter Schiemann

Peter is co-founder and Business Development Manager of iQure Pharma Inc. Peter began his career in research while working on his PhD thesis in 1992 when he also managed a research grant and led a team of researchers in molecular and cell biology. He left research to join Roche in Switzerland in 1996 to lead the in-process control group in trade packaging and worked as the head of the Clinical Supplies packaging and labeling plant. In 1999, Peter joined PricewaterhouseCoopers’ R&D Strategy consulting group. He led several projects with large and small Pharma/Biotech companies in Europe and the US helping them to establish more robust strategies and processes, e.g. supply chain, document management, R&D strategy and supporting organization, etc. Peter rejoined Roche in the US in 2003 and forged a strategic alliance with a CRO in auditing clinical trial centers. In 2004, he initiated the Quality Risk Management (QRM) project which was successfully implemented in 2009.

Peter left Roche in 2011 to co-found Widler & Schiemann Ltd, a management consulting firm specializing in supporting their clients in drug development of new medications.

In 2016 he moved to China to further build the business and founded the subsidiary of Widler & Schiemann Ltd. in Shanghai. In 2018, Peter moved to the US to further build Widler & Schiemann’s business. In 2019 Peter and five colleagues founded iQure Pharma Inc. to develop novel medications sourced from Universities and independent researchers.

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Co-founder & Business Development Manager

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