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Our Partners



For universities, we offer attractive revenue streams including milestones, royalties, and, in justified cases, upfront payments, in return for IP protected technology/compounds. Our preferred model is an IP license between the owner of the IP and iQure Pharma.

Researchers play a pivotal part in the invention process of new therapeutic approaches and with their efforts, curiosity, and scientific excellence, new inventions are identified. We work closely with academics enabling the scientists to continue to focus on their research and their scientific goals, while iQure Pharma focuses on managing and driving the development process for these new therapeutic solutions. 



With our focus on preclinical and early clinical development, iQure is in a unique position to work with Biotech start-ups to further the development of their drug candidates towards the next value inflection point. This can be in the form of a co-development agreement or a compound, portfolio or technology platform licensing.



In addition to universities and researchers, we tap into another source of technology and compounds, which stem from R&D at pharmaceutical companies where those who have decided that in-house development of specific compounds does not fit into the portfolio strategy but could still offer significant commercial opportunities. Based on our business model, iQure Pharma is particularly well-positioned to take those compounds and develop them further toward significant value inflection points.



Patient input is critical for the further development of our compounds to ensure not only an efficacious compound but also one that the patient finds it easy to use and maintains high compliance. For that reason, we want to work with patients organizations to create the optimal study designs and enhance our overall development programs.

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