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Prof. Dr Krzysztof Kaminski

Krzysztof Kaminski is a professor at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Jagiellonian University Medical College in Cracow (Poland). He is a pharmacist and received the Ph.D. degree in drug chemistry in 2006. His scientific interests are focused on the development of new compounds with anticonvulsant or/and antinociceptive properties, especially with a multi-targeted mechanism of action. He is an expert in drug design, synthesis, and physicochemical analyses. Prof. Krzysztof Kaminski is the author of more than 70 publications and 8 polish and international patent applications regarding the search of novel anticonvulsants, especially for the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy. He is/was the project manager in 5 projects financed from the National Science Centre (Poland) and principal investigator in 10 projects from the National Science Centre (Poland) and the National Centre for Research and Development (Poland). Prof. Krzysztof Kaminski has wide and multidisciplinary cooperation, notably since 2018 he is a participant of the NIH Epilepsy Therapy Screening Program. Since 2019, prof. Krzysztof Kaminski is vice-chairman of the Discipline of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Cracow. He is also a member of the Council of the Jagiellonian University Doctoral School in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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Chief Scientific Officer

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