DelawareSeptember 2020.iQure Pharma Inc. (iQure), a company dedicated to preclinical and early clinical development of new therapeutics, received its first data from a subchronic toxicology study with iQ‑007.

We are pleased to announce that the first assessment of an in vivo subchronic toxicology data looks positive. Seven days of dosing with iQ‑007 at 80 mg/kg, 250 mg/kg and 500 mg/kg per day, were studied in mice after intragastric injection. The aim of the study was to assess blood morphology along with the status of vital organs including liver, kidney and spleen. Initial reading of the data indicates that there are no statistically significant changes in blood or obvious alteration of organs after subchronic administration of iQ-007 at the three dose levels.

Dr Joe Wettstein, Chief Scientific Officer

Although this data is encouraging, we are treating the study with caution as we await the final report. Results show that iQ‑007 appears safe when given once daily over a seven-day period. This is especially important for patients who need long-term treatment, which is common in treating neuropathic pain. Moreover, as the data indicate a good safety profile across all doses, there is potential for a wide therapeutic index given its efficacy at 90 mg/kg p.o. as seen in pain-related experiments. Combining efficacy in pain and epilepsy models with the safety profile emerging from this study provides solid ground for iQ‑007 as a prospective new medicine to treat neuropathic pain and epilepsy.

DelawareSeptember 2020, iQure Pharma Inc. (iQure), a company dedicated to preclinical and early clinical development of new therapeutics, secured an additional funding of $100 000.

We are pleased to confirm that we have secured funding of $100,000 as a convertible loan from Dr Beat Widler, company Director and member of the iQure Management team. Under the agreement, iQure will deploy proceeds to continue its business operations and support fundraising activities especially for our Neuropathic Pain compounds iQ-007 and iQ‑008.

Pawel Zolnierczyk, Chief Executive Officer:

We are delighted that Dr Widler has decided to invest in iQure Pharma. This investment represents a high level of trust in our business and its ongoing development. Part of the secured funding will allow iQure to co-invest with prospective investors in our Neuropathic Pain portfolio. Here at iQure Pharma, we are looking for promising new therapeutics to develop that will help patients suffering from Neuropathic Pain.

Delaware – June 2020, iQure Pharma Inc., a company dedicated to preclinical and early clinical development of Oncology and Central Nervous system (CNS) compounds, announced today that Dr. Katrin Rupalla, PhD, MBA, is joining iQure’s Board of Directors.

Dr. Rupalla has vast experience in research and drug development with positions in various small, mid size and large Pharmaceutical Companies. She is currently Senior Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs, Medical Documentation and R&D Quality at Lundbeck S/A in Copenhagen, Denmark.

About Dr. Rupalla:

Dr. Katrin Rupalla has more than 25 years experience in research & drug development, primarily in the areas of oncology, immunology and neurology. She is currently SVP, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs, Medical Documentation & R&D Quality at Lundbeck, Copenhagen, Denmark. Prior to joining Lundbeck, Dr. Rupalla worked in several leadership positions at Bristol-Myers Squibb, including as VP, Global Head of Regulatory Oncology based in Princeton, NJ, US and VP, Head of Development China based in Shanghai. Her Regulatory and Drug Development career includes several world-wide approvals of major products, such as REVLIMID®, OPDIVO® and YERVOY®, in the US, Europe and China as well as a multitude of new indication approvals. Dr. Rupalla is a certified pharmacist and obtained her PhD from Philipps University of Marburg, Germany in Pharmacology and Neurobiology and did postgraduate work in CNS Pharmacology at the University of Aachen/Novartis before starting her career in Drug Development at Roche.

Pawel Zolnierczyk, Chief Executive Officer:

We are delighted that Katrin has decided to join our Board and will help supervise our portfolio and development efforts. This is a great step forward for iQure, as Katrin’s expertise in regulatory affairs, oncology and neurology will be instrumental in iQure achieving critical project milestones that will enable us to continue to reach our key value inflection points.